Bare Minimums

When my wife was gifted a big chunk of money yesterday, the incredible feeling of lightness and relief I experienced brought the bare minimum into focus for me:

There is a minimum for a gift to feel GOOD versus it being a chore, an obligation … an outstanding debt that needs to be paid, or something that has to be *managed*, requiring far more work than you’re being compensated for, or *recognized* as having to do.

I’ve learned that the smaller the “gift”, the more is likely to be expected in return. Meaning it is not really a GIFT at all.

There is a minimum amount for a gift to be PURELY ENJOYED.

There is a minimum amount for a gift to be empowering … to make a measurable difference.

And there is an even bigger minimum amount to lead to TRANSFORMATION. To powerfully CHANGE a person’s life for the better.

The gift my wife’s parents gave her yesterday clarified for me what that minimum number of dollars is for me right now, at this stage in life.

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